Membership is limited only by the expectation that everyone will contribute to the general store of knowledge with commentary and data, respond to requests for help, if only with an “I saw such and such.” Members are encouraged to invite those people who they know who have a similar interest to participate with us.

We are NAWCC Chapter #194;  you have to be an NAWCC member to join our organization.  We conduct meetings at various NAWCC regionals and at the NAWCC National Convention.  We publish a “Cog Counters Journal” at various times and conduct social activities in conjunction with some of the above events. We refrain from commercial activities at our meetings and events.

Our dues are based on the method of delivery of our publications to our members. They are $5.00 per year for those receiving copies via E-mail and $10.00 per year if you prefer paper copies via regular mail.

If you are interested, please send in your dues, please include your NAWCC membership number, and I will add your name to the roster.

Thanks for your interest,

Ted Orban
Cog Counters, Chapter 194 of the NAWCC
22 Battery Rd.
Hilton Head Island, SC  29928

PS: Most of our foreign members prefer E-mail as it is faster and cheaper.